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nix the

cheesy dj.

here's my deal:

My name is Hannah Minks, and I'm a gal who DJs. Not only because I've always liked music a whole lot, 

but mostly because many DJs are bad.


"Bad" meaning inhospitable. It's inexcusable for a DJ to make a gig about themselves. A good DJ reads the room, sets the mood, plays a solid mix of tried and true hits + forgotten deep cuts, and says as little into the microphone as possible all the while. 

In short, a good DJ isn't cheesy—and at my gigs, only the snacks are cheesy. 

the options:

All packages described below include a free consultation, setup + teardown the day of your event, and a client-DJ relationship marked with genuine care. These packages are intended to spark conversation between us about the vision for your event, and they aren't meant to impose an inflexible template. So let's talk if it looks like you need to tweak and one of them to suit you better!

bang for your buck


This package includes 4 hours of no frills DJing. If you just need me to show up, effectively read the room, and play music accordingly with no extra logistical concerns, this is probably the package for you. 

pump up the jam


This package includes 6 hours of DJing, and it's ideal for events that require extra finesse. Perhaps you're planning a wedding and would like the music to help orchestrate the flow of a whole evening, from loved ones taking their seats at the ceremony all the way down to loosening their ties and kicking off their heels later on the dance floor. This package also includes the additional bonus of projecting footage of classic dance scenes to help set the mood for the party. 

rock around the clock


This package is a doozy at 12 hours of DJing. If you desire an all-out, nonstop celebration, look no further. Do you have a rehearsal dinner the night before your wedding that could use a soundtrack? Would you like an after-party? Are you hosting a conference that requires days-worth of keeping energy up amidst workshops? Then this is the package for you. 

pick your poison.


"Booking Hannah as the DJ at my wedding was the best decision I made for the event! Three years later, our guests tell me what a blast they had on the dance floor. Hannah runs a soup-to-nuts gig: from organizing the playlist, bringing the equipment, and creating a vibe such that your shy uncle may find himself dancing—and all for an extremely reasonable price."

-Kristi Del Vecchio

have a listen: