cancelled wedding? feel the range of those emotions, and have a good time while doing it—outside the box.

have a 



an experience in a box delivered to your doorstep, paired with playlists to help you drown your sorrows—in fun.

here's why

Even if an important life event was cancelled or postponed for the greater good, it's still disappointing. Loved ones might attempt to console in well-meaning ways that inevitably miss the mark. Everything happens for a reason, they say. 

Or it's possible that it just sucks! 

I've been wondering how I can do my part as an event DJ. So I asked myself, "How might I create an experience that honors the disappointing fact of a postponed wedding while also lifting spirits?" Hence The Disappointment Party. It's a literally outside-the-box way to connect with your parter in the comfort of your home, experiencing a little joy without ignoring your grief. 


the specs

Each box is 9"L x 9"W x 3"H and comes with five individually wrapped mini gifts to be opened throughout your evening. The box includes a card that prompts you when to open each gift. Each playlist is about 1 hour and 15 minutes worth of music, and you can hear them in full below.

I would share more about the items in the box, but I can't ruin the surprise! Suffice it to say the items range from fun to thoughtful with a dash of lasting functionality and handmade touches.

the playlists:

dinner || fun + dance

I've put together a party in a box that pairs with two playlists: dinner and fun+dance. You'll find the playlists below. Reason being, I like accessibility. If people can't afford to purchase the box, that shouldn't preclude them from taking advantage of music curated just for them.

If you're able to order a box, you'll find that it's designed to provide an experience. Each box includes a card inside that tells you when to unwrap the numbered packages inside throughout your evening. Spoiler alert: you may also find some fun conversation starters for your dinner hour. ;)