A Wedding Reception Essential

The endearing yet attention-seeking college friend, the uncomfortable wallflower, the restless child, the ring of folks step-touching and debating whether to hop in the middle—every wedding has 'em, and what a diverse set of social needs.

But they all love a good ribbon dancer.

The ribbon dancer covers all your bases. It's the perfect ice breaker and party-starter for a dance floor that could use some inspiration or simply level up their energy. It's effortless and goofy, which is perhaps the most disarming combo. I've long resisted the notion that people need liquid courage to feel at ease in social settings, particularly those with a dance floor. If booze is your medicine, far be it from me to bear any judgement. I do wonder why it goes uncontested as the prevailing default.

So I bring a bag of tricks at every gig. Over-sized playing cards, fur coats, rotary telephone, ribbon dancers, plastic Santa, etc. The basics. Pro-tip: this means you don't need a photo booth feature at your event. Part of the fun in looking at photos from gigs I've DJed is seeing how the props brought life to the dance floor. I'm all in for feigning facial hair with the mustache-popsicle stick popularized by the photo booth, but it's hard to beat the candid moments of blissful, carefree energy brought on by the ribbon dancer.

After all, ribbon is a dancer. Or something like that.